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A new era for Mineral Resources!

We recently welcomed our third intake of our highly successful Entry Level Haul Truck Programme. This unique intake of 19 female operators is designed to provide opportunities for women within an industry that is traditionally male-dominated.

The cohort were welcomed by Chris Ellison, Managing Director and Paul Brown, Chief Executive – Commodities at their corporate induction.

All of those selected for the programme have an association with MRL through their family or friends who are already part of our team.

“We are committed to supporting the continued growth and development of diversity and inclusion within our workforce,” said Paul. “We recognise that creating an inclusive and diverse workplace is more than just a moral or social obligation, it’s good for business. Not only that, but we are helping to create a second-generation workforce, which is exciting to see.”

“I wish our new team members all the best on their journey with the company.”

The programme is a platform for inexperienced operators to kick start what we hope will be a long and fulfilling career with MRL.

Female Entry programme