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Bloodwood Tree Association and Mineral Resources team up

We are pleased to announce we have recently partnered with Bloodwood Tree Association Inc. (Bloodwood Tree) to support the delivery of a food service programme in the wider Port Hedland community.

L-R: Trevor Delaporte (Mugarinya Community Development Officer), Ben Bryant (MRL Head of Communities & Stakeholder Engagement), Sandra Waddamen (client of Bloodwood Tree), Alfred Barker (Bloodwood Tree Deputy Chairperson), Kelly Howlett (Bloodwood Tree CEO), Mark Donovan (MRL GM of External Affairs) and Joshua Thurlow (MRL GM of Project Services)

The MRL food delivery include a Monday to Friday, local Port and South Hedland grocery pick up and drop off service, as well as a fortnightly food delivery service to the Yandeyarra community. This new service will enable the delivery of food to those that need it but are unable to access the existing Mini Mart, providing an affordable, as well as a consistent supply of nutritious food staples to meet the immediate need of local people and families in Hedland and Yandeyarra.

Mineral Resources and Bloodwood Tree are working together with local schools in the region, to help design the look that will brand the delivery vehicles, driver’s uniforms and promotional collateral for the programme.

It’s really important to us to be working together to make a positive difference in the lives of those with need in the wider Port Hedland community, assisting the recipients of food and grocery relief. Not everyone is able to visit the Mini Mart to get life’s daily essentials and we’re really pleased to support Bloodwood Tree to establish a delivery service to assist those people in need.

L-R: Kelly Howlett, Emma Simpson (Bloodwood Tree Delivery Officer) and Joshua Thurlow

Mineral Resources is dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities where we operate and the Bloodwood Tree Association Inc. Regional Food Service Programme has what it takes to make a huge impact assisting families in regional communities.”

Established by the Barker family many years ago, Bloodwood Tree started out as a response to a family tragedy. It has since become a well-rounded multi-support organisation helping those in need from Hedland, Yandeyarra and surrounds.

The ‘Bloodwood Tree’, named for the blood-red colour of the sap it produces, has been used by Aboriginal people for centuries to heal and cure the sick and injured. So it’s no surprise that when the Barker family first decided to form an organisation to keep Aboriginal people safe, they gave it a name that would evoke feelings of safety, security and healing in their people.

From its humble beginnings, Bloodwood Tree has evolved to become a well-respected, wholly Aboriginal controlled institution that celebrated its 40th birthday in November 2017. Bloodwood Tree continues to help the community in many ways. This includes alcohol and other drug counselling, cultural mental health support, employment and training services, homelessness support, housing and tenancy support, Sobering Up Centre, Community Patrol, Homeless Breakfast, Soup Kitchen and other valuable programmes.

Bloodwood Tree has welcomed the news of the partnership as the new delivery service will go a long way to assisting those facing food security issues locally, as well as at Yandeyarra.