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Blue Lifeline WA NextGen 2 spreads mental health awareness in the Pilbara

Our NextGen 2 crushing plant has continued to spread Lifeline WA’s message of mental health across the state’s outback as it passed through Newman on the way to its final destination at Mt Whaleback.

The new machinery, painted in Lifeline WA’s trademark blue and displaying the 13 11 14 crisis support number, is a symbol of MRL’s new partnership with the suicide prevention service. The three-year partnership between the organisations will see Mineral Resources provide funding and in-kind support, with Lifeline WA to provide training opportunities to our staff.

The huge plant is being transported from our Kwinana workshop to its mine site destination at Mt Whaleback by a convoy of more than 100 trucks over the course of four weeks.

Mining mental health


To mark the plant’s passage through Newman, Lifeline WA CEO, Lorna MacGregor, hosted an evening event on September 15th for community members, with the support of MRL’s Mental Health Consultant, Chris Harris. The event provided Newman residents with an opportunity to share stories about their community with Lifeline WA to improve the organisation’s understanding of local issues.

“It’s important to understand the communities you’re trying to help and the transport of the NextGen 2 plant through Newman was an excellent opportunity to gain some insight,” Ms MacGregor said.

“This knowledge, and the presence of the plant featuring our logo nearby, are important first steps in helping to address mental health issues in the region.”

MRL’s Mental Health Consultant Chris Harris said, “This event represents a collective impact approach which brings people together to achieve a shared goal of improving the mental health of our family, friends and colleagues. Collective impact is about valuing the relationship with local communities and the strengths embedded in a community like Newman”.

Chris found that people stayed around long after the event finished talking about mental health, and sharing stories, which is what the event was all about.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please call Lifeline any time of day or night on 13 11 14.