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Diversity and Inclusion Women’s Networking Event

Mineral Resources is committed to diversity and inclusion and strives to provide equal opportunities to all. Our Diversity and Inclusion Programme is dedicated to creating and maintaining a workplace that accepts each person’s differences, embraces their strengths and provides opportunities for all staff to achieve their full potential.

Executive General Manager – Energy, Shelley Robertson, recently hosted a Diversity and Inclusion Women’s Networking Event for our staff. We heard from Chief Operating Officer – Construction and Development, Rohan O’Grady, who spoke about leadership culture at MRL, and special guest, Kirsty Danby, Director of Platform Communications, who spoke about her diversity journey and strategies that we can all use to drive change.

Shelley also elaborated on the challenges that she faced as a female working in a male-dominated industry that, to overcome, were nothing short of inspirational. As the recently-appointed Chair of our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, Shelley was able share with our people the Committee’s undertakings, targets and long term vision to ensure that MRL not only attracts female talent, but retains it.

We were privileged to welcome Shelley into our organisation in April this year. With 25+ years’ experience across the mining, oil & gas, renewable energy, agriculture and infrastructure sectors, she is an incredible asset to our company.