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From one small step to a giant leap with Stride Zero G

A ground-breaking new paediatric rehabilitation program is set to bring independence and a better quality of life to WA children and young people with neurological conditions.

The Healthy Strides Foundation, in partnership with Mineral Resources and the Channel 7 Telethon Trust, has established a world-class technology centre of excellence in East Victoria Park which will introduce an Australian-first rehabilitation program known as Stride Zero G.

Children undergoing therapy will be able to use the innovative ZeroG technology – effectively a ‘walking robot’ – to confidently learn and practice walking and balance skills with no barriers. While the system looks like a simple body harness, computer controlled supports move and adjust with every step to offer gait support and give children the confidence to strive further without the fear of falling over.

Mineral Resources has a long and proud history of supporting programs that build healthier, happier communities, with Stride Zero G aligning perfectly to our focus on physical and mental wellbeing.

Dr Dayna Pool, CEO of the Healthy Strides Foundation, said Stride Zero G integrates the latest understanding of how the brain adapts and changes with rehabilitation technologies, to accelerate a child’s journey to independence.

“Stride Zero G has been the missing link in rehabilitation practices, providing the combination of current science and state of the art technology to create a bridge between therapy and real life,” Dr Pool said.

Chris Ellison, Mineral Resources Managing Director, said Mineral Resources had jumped at the chance to partner with the Healthy Strides Foundation and Telethon to deliver the world class ZeroG technology to WA.

“We are delighted to support Telethon, Dayna and her passionate team at Healthy Strides to deliver this lifechanging work to kids in need,” Chris said.

“We can’t wait to hear about the success stories as the program progresses.”

Stride Zero G is already making an impact on children like three-year- old Mason, who lives with cerebral palsy. Dr Pool is working with Mason using ZeroG to get him on his feet and help improve his stability and balance so he can enjoy a high quality of life.

Mason’s mum Kate said the results have already been amazing.

“We try and focus on the things that he can do and not the things he can’t, so seeing these things that he can do now with the ZeroG is just incredible and allows us to think about all the possibilities that are there for him,” Kate said.