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Hands On Scholarships at Rockingham Senior High School

We are the proud sponsor of five future-defining scholarships at Rockingham Senior High School. 2019 marks the fifth year of this partnership and we are honoured to offer scholarships in Metals and Engineering, Food Science, Construction and  VET Business.

Our Scholarship Program is aimed at students who are gifted in hands on skills and achieve outstanding results in trade-related areas of study. These criteria allow for a diverse range of female and male students to be eligible.

When asked what he gained from the scholarship experience, a 2018 Metals and Engineering scholarship recipient said, “I have gained a sense of pride and I have made my family very proud, but I mostly think I have gained more dedication and eagerness towards my school work”.

This year’s scholarships were awarded to three girls and two boys, who will be supported through years 11 and 12 with the most of the funding going towards their TAFE and school fees, books and uniforms. We wish them all the very best!