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Kwinana Industries Council’s ‘iMen Project’

As part of our partnership with the Kwinana Industries Council (KIC), we were proud to be involved in their ‘iMen Project’.

A few weeks prior, we had the opportunity to attend the KIC’s ‘iWomen Project’, where our team spoke with Year 10 female students about a potential career in the resources industry. So, we were delighted to be invited back to have the opportunity to speak with their male students as well.

The iMen Project runs annually and has an intake of 32 male students from 17 high schools in the KIC Education Partnership.

It follows the same structure as the iWomen Project, running over two days a week for three weeks. The Project involves workshops, presentations, industry excursions and mock interviews where the students can develop important skills to prepare them for the future.

Our Learning & Development Advisor, Emily Pettitt, and Trade Recruiter, Daniel Barker, attended the Project and spoke to students in small groups about their career journeys and pathways into the resources industry.

We thoroughly enjoyed attending both the KIC iWomen and iMen Projects. As a company, it is always rewarding to speak with a group of young people about the career opportunities available in the resource sector.