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Mineral Resources is assisting FIFO’s relocate to WA

Rick Flori has been working with Mineral Resources for over five years as a Haulage Superintendent at Koolyanobbing and was FIFO out of Queensland. With the onset of COVID-19 and the many restrictions that came with the border closures, when MRL offered to provide temporary accommodation, he chose to base in Western Australia for the past 5 months. With his family and three children still living in Queensland, it has had its challenges.

However, during this stay Rick found that WA had a lot to offer and that maybe he should consider the move. When MRL made the offer to support employees to move to WA permanently, Rick and his wife, Cheryl, decided it was time to make the move to the west. It seemed the best solution for his family as Rick didn’t want to leave MRL but he and Cheryl knew that the family needed to be together.

When asked, what did he enjoy about WA that was unique from Queensland he said, “I love the outdoor lifestyle and locations such as Margaret River and Esperance and the weather is better in WA.”

FIFO’s relocate to WA