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Mineral Resources joins NAWO to support a focus on workplace diversity

Mineral Resources (MRL) is proud to announce its membership with NAWO, the leading national network for women in operations, supporting our ongoing efforts to grow diversity across our workforce.

Driven by a vision to see gender diversity valued and balanced at every level in operations, NAWO advocates for and encourages a shared understanding of the positive impact gender diversity has on business outcomes.

As a Gold Corporate Member, MRL will partner with NAWO to drive conversations and initiatives that promote a diverse workforce and encourage men and women to grow successful careers in mining.

MRL General Manager Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Layla Mehravari, said joining NAWO was an opportunity to complement our broader approach to building a strong, balanced and inclusive MRL family.

“Growing a diverse workplace is more than just a moral or social obligation; it’s good for business,” Mehravari said.

“Joining NAWO reinforces MRL’s commitment to growing a diverse workplace – including opportunities to attract, develop and retain women across all roles and levels – which ultimately helps us achieve more together.”

 Our focus on encouraging women into operational roles is nothing new. Whether it’s introducing young women to the prospect of a career in mining or backing female graduates to drive the future of WA’s industry, we’re seeing see firsthand the positive impact diversity is having on our workforce and business.

Together with targeted strategies supporting MRL’s gender balance efforts – including traineeships, mentoring opportunities and ongoing assessment of our gender diversity performance – our focus remains on helping quality talent grow their career with one of WA’s most innovative and agile mining companies.

Joining NAWO also provides our workforce with exclusive access to online and in-person events celebrating the importance of gender diversity and helping to equip all employees with information, skills and resources to champion the cause.

NAWO CEO Louise Weine said MRL’s membership is a testament to the organisation’s efforts to encourage conversation and action in support of greater gender balance.

“We’re thrilled MRL has joined NAWO to help drive and support workplace diversity and inclusion, particularly across what have traditionally been male-dominated mining operations roles,” Weine said.

“NAWO continues to build strong and engaged networks that mobilises women, men and organisations to strengthen the talent pipeline and achieve greater gender balance. It’s clear MRL shares our passion.”

For more information on the great work NAWO is doing in support of gender diversity in operations, head to