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My Road to MRL Laura Brittain

Laura Brittain

A desire to help people and a love of mining has led Laura to Mineral Resources (MRL), where she applies her skills in a unique role that combines safety, health and wellbeing.

With a background in exercise physiology and occupational health and safety, Laura started her career at MRL’s Iron Valley iron ore mine as a Health and Wellbeing Advisor.

When an opportunity came up to take on a new MRL role, which combines both wellbeing and injury prevention, Laura jumped at the chance.

“Most roles in my field would require you to choose one or the other, so I feel very fortunate to be in a position that offers such a perfect amalgamation of the two,” Laura said.

With her new position created especially to support MRL’s CSI Mining Services business, Laura has spent the first few weeks visiting the various CSI sites, establishing a rapport with our teams and finding out where the opportunities are.

“My vision is to implement a successful organisational ergonomics program, directly involving our people to implement changes that make our sites safer and decrease the risk of injuries,” Laura said.

“Giving people ownership and using the expert knowledge they have on their roles means we genuinely have the ability to really create some positive change.

“I’m also offering assistance in areas such as nutrition and exercise, which has helped some of our people achieve fantastic improvements to their health so far.”

Having started her career in the Navy straight out of high school, mining might not seem like the obvious progression. However, the opportunity to work with the Navy’s physical training instructors sowed the seeds for a long-term career working with people in a health capacity, and this, combined with a desire to help those navigating the unique challenges associated with a FIFO lifestyle, set Laura on the path she finds herself on today.

Laura has worked with other mining companies in the past but said her current role was giving her the chance to see the industry in a whole new light and she was grateful for the opportunity.

“I love working for MRL as you don’t get pigeonholed and locked in to one area,” Laura said.

“The business is really dynamic and if you’re the kind of person willing to try new things it’s exciting where you can end up.”

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