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New and Improved Prime Mover Bound for Mt Marion

One of the first new dedicated fleet of prime movers for the haulage of Mount Marion to Esperance recently stopped by the Applecross office to showcase the innovative safety aspects and improved efficiencies of our new fleet. These prime movers will be matched with dedicated triple trailers that are being purpose built for Mt Marion haulage to Esperance.

The prime movers will haul spodumene directly from Mount Marion to Esperance. Historically, the trucks have been limited to 36.5 metres long but, due the task we are doing and our excellent safety record, we are able to increase the size to 42 metres. With this extra capacity, the payload is 105 tonnes compared to 65 tonnes previously. That’s a payload increase of 61.5%!

The efficiencies don’t stop there – our original 1,300 kilometre (km) approximate round trip used 38 trucks, but with our new contract with Campbell Transport, we will only need to use 12 to 13 trucks on a 700km round trip. This increases our efficiency and improves our sustainability.

The MT Data system also records travel time, alerting the driver when they near five hours without a break so they can stop and rest as per WA Fatigue Laws. GPS monitoring also tracks the trucks whilst on route. The trucks also all have 4G connectivity which allows remote viewing of the truck cameras and enables real time field interactions from anywhere at any time.

Our braking system on these prime movers have also gone through a safety upgrade. These prime movers have their brakes connected to the accelerator, so the driver will not be able to get underway without ensuring they are released properly.

We are proud of the improved safety and efficiency of this new and improved prime mover and look forward to seeing it out on the road!