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New video shows off our ‘ore-some’ new HQ

Our epic Walters Drive HQ induction video is set to make a splash with new starters.

It’s not every day you’re welcomed to your new office by former Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, plus a stellar cast of well known faces.

While the video’s humour and use of satire will catch the attention of our new and potential employees, there’s a serious message behind the content. As Julie showcases, our HQ sets a new standard for workplace wellness, with a wide range of features aimed at maximising the health and wellbeing of our people. Walters Drive will be one of only 120 buildings in the world to achieve Platinum WELL certification.

Mineral Resources Managing Director, Chris Ellison, said Walters Drive is all about putting people first.

“Our people are the foundation of our success, and we want to send them home better than when they arrive,” Chris said.

“As the race to attract and retain the best talent intensifies, we know putting workplace wellness first will help set us apart and reinforce our commitment to our people.

“We are rolling out this workplace wellness concept across our sites with our first resort-style camp in advanced planning for Onslow.”

Julie’s impact on Mineral Resources is set to extend beyond our induction video. She is adding a new role to her long list of achievements, consulting as a Strategic Advisor to MinRes.  Julie will have a particular focus on female talent and leadership programs and will be a key contributor and guest speaker for our new ‘Inspire’ pilot program for new and emerging female leaders.

Julie said her role with MinRes continues her long-standing passion to support and empower women to have the opportunity to participate across the community.

“After my 20-year legal career and 20-year parliamentary career, I am keen to offer constructive advice to others on how to survive and thrive in a traditionally male dominated workplace,” Julie said.