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Putting our apprentices to the test!

Innovation is at our core and we pride ourselves on getting things done in-house whenever we can.

Recently, the Kwinana workshop were asked to quote on the fabrication of four oil trolleys to see if we could produce a cost-effective solution and produce it in house.

The quote and lead-time put forward by the workshop was very competitive and they were awarded the job. The workshop decided to put the apprentices to the test! They were given a picture, a very tight budget and asked to come up with a design… The result? We now have some very high-quality oil trolley designs and some very proud apprentices!

This was a fantastic job for the workshop’s first and second year boilermaker apprentices, who had to apply skills gained through their TAFE studies.

The finished oil trolleys fabricated by our apprentices

We are committed to providing our apprentices with the support, knowledge, and tools for success in their chosen field. These types of jobs are important for the Kwinana Facility to continue to provide learning experiences for the next generation of tradespeople. The knowledge and skills they are acquiring will undoubtedly help support the business moving forward.