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Mineral Resources is sponsoring scholarships at Rockingham Senior High School

For the past six years, we have sponsored a number of scholarships at Rockingham Senior High School across a range of categories including, Metals and Engineering, Food Science, Construction and VET Business.

Rockingham Senior High School student Fillip Vesic

The Scholarship Programme is aimed at students who are gifted in hands-on skills and have achieved outstanding results in trade-related areas of study. We are also pleased to announce our support of the Rockingham Senior High School Scholarship programme will continue for a further three years, with the majority of funding going towards the recipients’ TAFE feeds, school fees, books and uniforms.

As part of the programme, we work closely with the school to align the scholarships with the future talent needs of our business and the resources industry as a whole. We also hold regular meetings with students to discuss different pathways into the resources sector, including via our Apprenticeship Programme and work experience opportunities.

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients.

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