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Wodgina Lithium Project

As one of the largest known hard rock lithium deposits in the world, Wodgina is a Tier 1 asset.

Wodgina commenced operations in April 2017, mining Lithium Direct Shipping Ore (DSO). In 2018 we commenced an expansion of our Wodgina site to enable us to produce lithium spodumene concentrate and, potentially, lithium hydroxide to create Australia’s first fully integrated downstream lithium operation located on one site.

In December 2018, we announced that we had entered into a joint venture with Albemarle for the sale of 50% interest in the Wodgina Lithium Project and formation of a 50:50 joint venture that will produce spodumene concentrate and, in the future, lithium hydroxide.

Spodumene Concentrate Plant

Our Spodumene Concentrate Plant is under construction, with three modules currently under development.

Once complete, 833,000 wet tonnes (750,000 dry tonnes) of 6% spodumene concentrate per annum will be produced.

As a brownfields site, Wodgina had existing infrastructure in place. However, to cater for the Spodumene Concentrate Plant and planned Lithium Hydroxide Plant, a number of upgrades were undertaken. These upgrades included an 81km, 10-inch natural gas pipeline, a 64MW gas-fired power station, expansion of accommodation facilities, extension to tailings storage facilities and an upgrade to the water supply infrastructure.

Construction of an airstrip near the mine site with the capability to land commercial size aircraft has commenced and is due for completion in 2019.

Lithium Hydroxide Plant

To convert the spodumene concentrate to lithium hydroxide, we are currently undergoing a feasibility study for a 56,800 – 113,600 Ktpa Lithium Hydroxide Plant.

The plant will initially be delivered as two modules, each producing 28,400ktpa of lithium hydroxide by converting approximately 50% of the total volume of spodumene concentrate produced at Wodgina. There is potential for construction of an additional two modules, which would convert 100% of the spodumene concentrate produced by the Spodumene Concentrate Plant.