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Information Hub – CSI & PMI Lithium Operations Enterprise Agreement 2023

Welcome to the Information Hub for the CSI & PMI Lithium Operations Enterprise Agreement 2023.

Bargaining meetings for the new agreement commenced in mid-January 2024 and this page is your central resource for key documents and updates throughout the process. Be sure to check back here regularly for more information.

Our objective is to develop an agreement that reflects the way our people work and how we reward you for your contribution. We will continue to place a focus on the creation of a sustainable agreement framework, that will continue to provide opportunities and job security through fluctuations in the commodity price cycles. We are a dynamic business, and we want to position the Company and you to achieve our growth ambitions.

The enterprise bargaining process plays a crucial role in securing the future of our lithium operations and contributes to the ongoing success of MinRes.

We value your input, and if you have any feedback or questions not addressed in the below FAQs please email

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What is an Enterprise Agreement (EA)?

An Enterprise Agreement (sometimes referred to as an “EA” or “EBA”) is an agreement between an employer and a group of employees.

It sets minimum terms and conditions (T&Cs) of employment that apply to that group of workers. It also guarantees agreed benefits, as determined through the bargaining process.

In simple terms, through the T&Cs and benefits, EAs leave you better off overall than the conditions in relevant Modern Awards.