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Our crushing business, CSI Mining Services (CSI), is the market leading crushing and screening contractor, providing safe, efficient and low cost solutions.

Our crushing services business is dedicated to providing world-class, tailored, build-own-operate crushing, screening and processing plants for some of the world’s largest and most profitable mining companies. We offer a range of specialised contract crushing, screening, beneficiation and materials handling services to the mining and resources sectors, with proven experience in bulk commodities including gold, copper, iron ore, manganese, lithium and tantalum.

We provide turnkey mobile crushing and screening services at cost competitive rates with minimal mobilisation and lead times.

We have earned our strong reputation as a provider of unique, purpose built, high quality products by delivering services tailored specifically to the needs of each client. We are also renowned for designing and installing high quality and low cost overland conveying and haulage solutions for the transport of mined, crushed and processed product.