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Carbon Fibre Technology

With the transition to a low carbon world, we’re always looking at ways to produce more energy-efficient mining plant and equipment, not only for use on our own mine sites, but also to provide solutions for our clients through our mining services business.

We have established a carbon fibre manufacturing facility south of Perth with the core focus of producing carbon fibre structural components for use in the mining industry. The initial focus has been on reducing dump truck weight to increase payload.

Our production prototype of a carbon fibre tray for Haulpak dump trucks has been completed and is undergoing extensive testing. Carbon fibre trays weigh substantially less than traditional steel trays increasing payload by at least 10%. The result is an equivalent reduction in the number of trucks required. 10% less trucks means 10% less fuel usage and 10% lower emissions. Also, with 10% fewer trucks, there will be fewer tyres required, creating less waste.