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Pilbara Infrastructure Project

Our Pilbara Infrastructure Project (PIP) provides a 30 to 50-year horizon for our core mining services business.

PIP consists of three distinct elements:

  • Bulk Ore Shuttle System
  • Port Stockyard
  • Capesize Carrier Facility

With a total capital investment of over A$1 billion, this key project will provide an economic transport system from mine site to port, not only for our own operations but also third party users. In doing so, we will create a 30 to 50-year horizon for our mining services business.

Bulk Ore Shuttle System

The Bulk Ore Shuttle System is an innovative, low capital and operating cost, light weight rail-based transport system to connect the inland Pilbara region to the inner harbour of Port Hedland.

It is designed to unlock stranded deposits and reduce transport costs from ore body to a processing hub or coastal port facility. The project has received Major Project status with the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) and environment approval has been secured for the corridor.

The rail infrastructure is modular and can be relocated. The rolling stock is driven by electric wheel motors, obtaining power from lithium battery banks, which are charged by reciprocating diesel engines.

We are aiming to commence construction of a 4.2km demonstration system and track in 2019, with construction of the Pilbara main line scheduled to commence following successful trials, and subject to State Agreement and statutory approvals. The main line will be a dual track and will allow for a 50Mtpa capacity.

The environmental benefits of the project are significant, as there is minimal ground preparation required. As the system will operate off hybrid power, there will be a material reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to traditional transport systems.

Port Stockyard

The Port Stockyard is anticipated to be a fully automated train unloading and product stockyard facility, adjacent to South West Creek.

With a projected load out capacity estimated at 12,500tph, the Port Stockyard is designed to meet a 50Mtpa berth capacity, in addition to materially reducing vessel loading times.

Subject to statutory approvals, construction is targeted for FY20.

Capesize Carrier Facility

We are seeking the rights to develop a multi-user export facility at South West Creek, with a potential 50Mtpa export capacity allocation.

The facility will have product delivered to it via our light weight rail system, be fully automated, and capable of receiving capesize vessels.

A single berth is estimated to have a capacity of approximately 30Mtpa, which would increase to 50Mtpa with a second berth.

Subject to statutory approvals, construction is targeted for FY20.