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Open Pit Mining

We execute all stages of open pit mining including resource modelling, mine planning, drill and blast engineering, load and haulage.

Across our own mining operations, we provide the full suite of mining engineering and mining functions for safe, optimal mine operations.

Mine Planning

Our corporate technical teams develop an effective integrated life-of-mine plan by gathering geological and geotechnical information, utilising the latest professional technology and software. These plans provide the foundation of our mine plans, designs, and schedules which our technical services teams develop in collaboration with our on-site operational teams.

Our site teams are engaged to ensure we maximise the ore reserves and maintain safe, efficient and sustainable mine operations.

Drill and Blast

Our engineers optimise designs that maximise drill and blast outcomes for our surface mining operations. Utilising the latest technology to create detailed blast designs that are tailored for each individual mine site and variations within the ore body, we create a balance between safety, environment, cost, productivity, and crusher throughput.

Load and Haul

We own a number of large loading units and haulage fleets, utilising the latest technology and industry-leading innovations to ensure the most efficient and safe transport of the product. Our fleets are equipped with live automatic GPS data collection systems to ensure that they operate at maximum efficiency.

We have expertise in loading and hauling both bulk commodities and selective extraction of complicated ore bodies. Our relationships with the leading global equipment manufacturers allow us access to the largest and most technologically advanced equipment and after-sales support.