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Mind Matters at MRL

At Mineral Resources (MRL), we take wellbeing seriously and know mental health is just as important as physical health. What’s more, we’re not afraid to talk about it.

That’s why we introduced our Mind Matters series, which gives our employees and their families exclusive opportunities to hear direct from industry experts on mental health topics.

Our July event focused on the importance of healthy relationships in navigating adolescence, offering useful tips for parents and young people.

Host Chris Harris, our in-house psychologist and head of mental health, was joined by a stellar panel of speakers including Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin and Professor Juli Coffin from the Telethon Kids Institute, and former West Coast Eagles premiership player Adam Selwood.

Pictured left to right: Adam Selwood, Juli Coffin, Ashleigh Lin and Chris Harris.

Pictured left to right: Adam Selwood, Juli Coffin, Ashleigh Lin and Chris Harris.

Our speakers offered their professional advice, insights and personal stories on the importance of healthy relationships and networks in a child’s life, the value of a key influencer for children (as not all adolescents want to speak to their parents about everything) and how to be a mental health champion to benefit those around us.

The simplest takeaway from the night was that finding as little as 10 minutes a day uninterrupted, with each of your children individually, can make all the difference to them.

The Perth Children’s Hospital was our venue for the night, with around 100 MRL employees, families and guests given the chance to see the facilities we support through our partnerships with the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Telethon Kids Institute.

Special thanks to our guest speakers and MRL employees and their families who came along and helped make the event a big success.