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Engineering and Construction

MinRes harnesses decades of design, engineering and construction experience to deliver world-class projects on time and on budget.

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Our Engineering and Construction division consolidates project delivery under one roof, enabling MinRes to safely deliver projects to market faster than any other mining company in Australia.

As one of the world's only mining companies with an in-house engineering and construction capability, MinRes maintains full control and flexibility of project development. We uphold rigorous quality standards to deliver world-class projects on time and on budget.

Our expertise has enabled us to deliver a range of complex projects across several commodities including iron ore, lithium and gas, as well as road and port construction projects.

A dedicated 2,400-strong workforce that includes engineers, draftspeople and construction professionals – many with decades of experience – drives the safe and efficient development of MinRes' projects.

Our Engineering and Construction business continues to strengthen MinRes’ competitive advantage and has a key role guiding the development of new, future facing commodities projects.

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