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We consider clean energy and carbon reduction critical to the sustainability of our industry and look for ways to reduce our emissions across all of our operations.

We have a dedicated energy team who are responsible for managing all of our operations’ energy needs. Having a centralised function for energy allows us to better manage our energy projects, energy efficiency initiatives and share learnings across the company.

We continue to seek lower carbon solutions across our business and are currently installing gas power, as well as actively pursuing off-grid solar power generation and battery storage power solutions for our remote operations.

We are also researching micro-grid technology to power our operations. Future installation of renewable solar energy could, potentially, be captured within the battery energy storage system and discharged as required in to the micro-grid.

The power stations supplying our lithium operations at Mt Marion and Wodgina will see significant emissions savings. Our 64MW Wodgina Lithium Gas Reciprocating Power Station will be the largest of its kind on a mine site in the Southern Hemisphere.

Complementing our natural gas and LNG energy initiatives, we are also investing in solar energy across our operations. In 2018 we installed a number of solar panels across our Perth-based facilities, equating to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 981,000 kilograms of CO₂ per year.

Oil & Gas

We are investing in gas fuel sources for a cleaner future for us and our industry.

In the mining industry, energy costs for power generation and mobile equipment operation are driven by a reliance on diesel fuels. We are at the forefront of transitioning to cleaner and cheaper gas solutions.

In line with our business strategy, and in order to meet the power requirements of our mining and mining services operations, we have strategically acquired gas exploration and production assets in the Perth Basin. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Energy Resources, we are currently investigating existing and new gas exploration opportunities within the Perth Basin.

If successful, this will future-proof the supply of natural gas to fuel our sites, allowing us to reduce our dependence on diesel fuels.