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As the largest petroleum and geothermal acreage holder in the onshore northern Perth and Carnarvon Basins, MinRes seeks conventional gas and geothermal energy solutions that support our long-term business growth and continue to improve our sustainability performance 

Regulations and Approvals

MinRes works closely with landowners, government, industry, and community stakeholders to ensure all on ground activities are conducted responsibly, safely and with consideration to the heritage and the environment.

We operate strictly under land access arrangements with traditional owner groups, local pastoralists and private landowners as applicable.

Approvals are always sought and obtained from the relevant Shire and Government before starting any exploration activities.

Safety, Heritage, and Environment

Prior to any exploration activity, MinRes conducts the necessary on ground environmental and heritage surveys which form the basis of operations management plans and under a strict and well-regulated health and safety management system.

In the Perth basin, surveying is typically phased with the harvests to minimise disruption to farming and pastoral activities, and compensation is made for any potential disruption that may be caused to landowners’ day-to-day business.

The survey crews also operate under a safety and environment management system that includes an assessment of potential safety and environmental implications of our activities.

Once any on-ground work has been completed, we ensure full and proper rehabilitation is conducted.

Geology and Geophysical Surveying

Exploration begins by examining local and regional geology to determine the presence and quality of underground reservoirs for potential sources. Geophysical surveys are acquired to understand the nature of the rocks below the surface. These include the gathering of airborne gravity and magnetics data, and the acquisition of seismic surveys.

Seismic typically uses low energy vibrations from a truck (Vibroseis) to image the underground with sound waves which bounce off underground rock formation layers. The reflected sound waves are then detected and recorded by several microphones (geophones) laid out on the ground at distances up to around 4km away.

This information is used to accurately map the subsurface and target locations for exploration wells.

MinRes has recently safely conducted low impact seismic surveys in the Perth Basin north of Gingin and west of Mingenew, and additional surveys are planned for the Perth Basin after the late 2023 harvest.


MinRes drilling campaigns involve the selection and preparation of a suitable drilling area and an access track. The underground well paths are often deviated and steered to the target up to one kilometre away which allows for a rig surface location that minimises the need for land or vegetation clearing.

Once the rig is mobilised to site, the drilling operation typically takes around four to six weeks. An evaluation of the rocks is made through examining the samples and lowering specialised electrical logging tools into the wellbore on a cable.

If adequate hydrocarbons or geothermal energy are discovered through exploration drilling, the well may be safely retained for further evaluation and potential production. In the situation where no resource is found, the hole is safely cemented, the equipment demobilised, and the site decommissioned before the area is rehabilitated.

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