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Health & Safety

The health and safety of our people is a key driver for us, with a primary focus on managing safety risk and injury prevention while ensuring we achieve our production targets.

We are committed to providing a safe working environment and a safe system of work for our employees, our contractors and our visitors.

The continuous review and refinement of our safety policies, standards and procedures across our business, ensures our expectations on safety are clearly communicated and understood.

Our oneMRL cultural transformation has continued to reinforce and support our proactive safety culture.

Our Safety Strategy

We are committed to sustaining safety performance with a focus of embedding our systems for longer-term success. An updated safety strategy and performance criteria were implemented in July 2017, setting the benchmark for consistent high performance across all of our businesses.

Our safety strategy consists of 5 key pillars to embed and consolidate the significant safety improvements we’ve implemented in recent years:

  • Leadership – highly engaged, visible and proactive safety leadership at all levels of the business
  • Critical Risk Management – ensuring critical risk activities are identified and managed with clear accountability for verification of critical controls
  • Operational Discipline – an unwavering discipline and commitment to perform in all areas of our operations
  • Systems – continual improvement of systems and processes to ensure these are ‘fit for purpose’ and are eliminating any barriers to success
  • Resilient People – active investment in the health and well-being of our people through education and initiatives

As we expand our business, we will continue to focus on working safely and providing our people with the necessary skills, systems and processes to perform their roles safely. We are committed to further safety performance improvements and have in place the leadership, culture and systems to enable that journey to continue.

Our continued success depends on our people and our ability to deliver quality results safely for our customers, our shareholders and for each other.