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MinRes releases inaugural Biodiversity Strategy

Mineral Resources (MinRes) has released its inaugural Biodiversity Strategy outlining commitments to integrate biodiversity management throughout the business. 

As a leading mining services company with a growing portfolio of mining operations, biodiversity is a crucial consideration for MinRes throughout the life of its assets. 

Endorsed by the MinRes Board and Sustainability Committee, the strategy serves as a framework to support MinRes in meeting and exceeding its regulatory requirements in environmental matters, while recognising the responsibility for biodiversity management in ecosystems where our business operates. 

MinRes will take a progressive approach towards mitigating impacts to biodiversity, seeking firstly to avoid and prevent negative environmental impacts and, where avoidance is not feasible, reduce impacts, assist environmental recovery after disturbance or compensate for impacts. 

MinRes General Manager Environment and Compliance Les Purves said the strategy guides efforts to leave behind ecological and cultural landscapes that offer opportunity and improved wellbeing for local communities. 

“In today’s society, there has never been a greater imperative or expectation to safeguard biodiversity. It is a fundamental business priority for us to look after the environments where we operate,” Les said. 

“We aspire towards net neutral and, where possible, net positive biodiversity outcomes from our operational activities. 

“We are implementing this strategy within our business culture and encouraging all employees, irrespective of their role, to actively embrace it.” 

The strategy will be overseen by the MinRes Sustainability Committee, which plays a critical role providing oversight of our company’s environmental and sustainability management – including consideration of state, national and international perspectives and expectations for the mining industry. 

MinRes Sustainability Committee Chair Susie Corlett said the Committee recognises the intrinsic value of biodiversity, its importance to MinRes operations and reputation, and to the communities and landscapes where we operate. 

“Our commitment to environmental management and genuine adoption of the mitigation hierarchy is not merely to achieve regulatory compliance, but to also reflect our proactive aspirations for the creation of positive environmental outcomes,” Susie said.