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Workplace Gender Equality

MinRes is committed to increasing female representation in our workforce, because we know a more diverse workforce is better for our business, and better for society.

Our 2021 – 2022 Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Report submission is an overview of our progress on gender equity metrics such as female participation and gender pay equity.

The report submissions can be found below:

We can all be proud of our achievements for the reporting period where we saw an increase in female participation from 16.5% to 19.5%.

We know that there is more work to do in this area which is why we have also created our Gender Equity Strategy with the key focus areas for FY23 including:

  • increasing MinRes’ female representation to >22%
  • reviewing and updating existing policies and procedures to ensure they are equitable to all employees
  • gender pay equity review
  • year on year improvement in the Workplace Gender Equality Agency report

Improving female representation across our sites and offices will continue to be a key focus for our business.