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New CAT 994K Wheel Loader Arrives at Wodgina

The new Cat 994K Wheel Loader (994K) arrived on site at Wodgina prior to Christmas and, on New Year’s Day, dug its first dirt.

With a bucket big enough to fit a car, this is one impressive machine. It can withstand the toughest of loading conditions and with its robust structures, we’re able to achieve multiple life cycles to help lower our cost per tonne. Compared to the 994H Wheel Loader, the 994K boasts a 29% larger payload and a 19% increase in power.

The 994K comes with improved safety features including enhanced visibility, better machine access, a powered access system and an improved operator environment.

The feedback from the mining team has been very positive. Our operators have been impressed with how easy the transition from the older, smaller sized front end loaders to this larger machine has been. They have also reported that the comfort, power and mobility of the 994K is outstanding.

We look forward to hearing about the performance of this mega-machine!