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Setting up our Leaders for Success with the Steel Cap Leader Programme

Our Steel Cap Leader Programme has been specifically developed for our frontline leadership. This programme was developed with key overall performance outcomes around leadership, safety, supporting systems and effective people work. The programme ensures that our frontline leaders understand their responsibilities and our expectations, as well as the role they must play in creating the high-performing culture we are aiming to develop and maintain.

As well as participants being provided the appropriate tools for successfully achieving performance outcomes, the programme also incorporates nationally recognised Units of Competency, industry relevant legislative needs, proven psychological and learning theories, and unique approaches to enhancing skills, motivation and effectiveness.

To date, 152 of our leaders have completed the Steel Cap Leader Program. Next steps from program completion is for each leader to complete a program manual, which focuses on Leadership Impact. The manual is completed with each leader’s direct manager in order to continually challenge their performance, provide further mentoring, and provide valuable performance feedback.