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Meet Ayden: One of MinRes’ Mental Health Champions

This Mental Health Week, we’d like you to meet Ayden. He’s a member of the team at our Wonmunna iron ore project in the Pilbara and a Mental Health First Aid Champion.

Ayden is one of over 200 MinRes team members who has completed a two-day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course, delivered by Lifeline WA instructors.

At MinRes, mental health is just as important at physical health. A staggering one in five Australians – about 4 million people – experience a mental illness in any year, and about half of the Australian adult population will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lifetime.

That’s why MinRes is committed to supporting our people with resources and training.

Mental Health First Aid Training gives our people the tools to provide initial help to someone experiencing a mental health issue and the confidence to take appropriate steps if the situation is critical.

Having experienced the loss of two close friends, Ayden wanted to take part in MHFA training to understand how he could best help his work mates, friends and family when they need it.

“I think there is still a stigma about mental health and many people are afraid of seeking professional help,” said Ayden.

“It’s in my personality to chat with people and check in to understand how they are going, but I wasn’t sure how to have a conversation to guide people when they might need to seek professional help.

“After doing the training I feel like I know much more about the free support that is available to our people and their families at MinRes as well as the support that is available through organisations like Lifeline WA and Youth Focus.

Ayden said completing the training taught him important life skills that he can apply at home.

“My partner and I have two young boys, and as they grow up I want to have open conversations with them about their mental health. I want them to know it’s ok not to be ok, and they shouldn’t be scared to speak with me and seek help when they need it,” said Ayden.

MinRes is proud of our long-standing partnership with Lifeline WA, which provides our people with access to Mental Health First Aid Training. Our commitment to developing mental health first aid skills in our people and embedding an effective mental health program was recently recognised by Mental Health First Aid Australia, with MinRes acknowledged as a Skilled Workplace.