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Mineral Resources in the ASX top 50

Mineral Resources has come a long way since our start in the early 90s. Today we reached a significant milestone – in recognition of our growth, S&P has included MinRes in the ASX50 index. We’re now one of the top 50 biggest companies by market capitalisation listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

MinRes in ASX50

Our consistent strategy takes in our pit-to-port mining services solutions, a growing, world-class portfolio of iron ore and lithium operations, and most importantly, a big focus on looking after our people.

As we continue to grow, we know that we’ll have a bigger impact on our stakeholders and the communities where were we operate and that’s a responsibility we take seriously through our focus on sustainable outcomes.

Over the next five years we expect to:

  • Become one of the top three global lithium producers
  • Quadruple our iron ore production
  • Double the size of our Mining Services Division
  • Develop one of the largest gas and condensate discoveries at Lockyer Deep

There’s never been a better time to join us. Check out our career opportunities and get your best life: