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The art of collaboration – Walters Drive artworks


Some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary Aboriginal artists will feature in the Walters Drive permanent artworks collection.

Collaboration and respect are at the heart of our partnerships with Aboriginal people and communities and this art collection follows that tradition.

A series of collaborative works featuring 11 Aboriginal artists from around Australia will be showcased throughout Walters Drive, across every floor.

Twenty-seven compelling artworks have been commissioned to celebrate and reinforce the importance of community, culture and country to MRL’s operations and the future legacy we aim to create.

East Kimberley artist, Rebecca Morgan whose language group is Gija / Wanambal / Yawuru says her commissioned, collaborative art works were inspired by the idea that Walters Drive was designed to be ‘the future of workplace wellness’.

“When I heard my art work would be going into a wellness centre, I connected with that. The feeling you want to have is that sense of calm and inspiration and motivation”.

“Because with art you always want to make people feel better, be in a better space and you know, dig deeper into themselves and find what their balance in life is or what they need”, said Rebecca.

The concept behind Walters Drive art collection has its genesis in NOMAD TWO WORLDS, a global collaborative art project with Indigenous artists started two decades ago by world renowned photographer and now MRL Brand Director, Russell James. His iconic photographs form the canvas and foundation for this art series.

“MRL’s approach to forging mutually beneficial partnerships is very much in the spirit of NOMAD. Their commitment and desire to nurture deeper, more meaningful relationships with Aboriginal people resonated with me and sparked the idea for this collaborative art series. It’s all about working together and mutual respect across cultures – a philosophy MRL wants to hero, not just at Walter’s Drive but across the entire business”, said Russell.

Collaborative art by Rebecca Morgan

Photography by Russell James