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WGEA employer statement

As part of our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, MinRes conducts yearly gender pay reviews each January. These reviews specifically target gender pay gaps within comparable and like-for-like positions.

By adopting this proactive strategy, we systematically evaluate and rectify any gender pay disparities that may emerge, ensuring the continued fairness and equity of our remuneration practices.

Our rapid growth has been accompanied by a heightened focus on fostering diverse and inclusive work environments. In recent years, we have introduced programs that encourage female participation in FIFO roles, recognising the positive impact on both our business and the creation of a well-balanced workplace.

Consequently, we currently have a larger proportion of females in entry-level positions, especially within the village operational teams. It’s essential to highlight that, unlike many industry peers who outsource this operational segment, MinRes actively chooses internal management of these teams.

While this distinctive approach contributes to a relatively higher pay gap – as defined by Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) – our agreements are designed to ensure fair and equitable remuneration practices across diverse roles within our organisation.

Our gender pay gap has improved from 2020-21 to 2022-23. Based on median base salary, it currently sits at 19.1%.

MinRes gender pay gap over time

  2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Average (mean) total remuneration 27.1% 27.8% 19.9%
Median total remuneration 32.3% 29.6% 20.9%
Average (mean) base salary 26.2% 25.9% 17.8%
Median base salary 30.1% 28.6% 19.1%

In comparison to the broader mining industry, our gender pay gap is primarily shaped by our employment practices that prioritise female candidates, particularly in new-to-industry programs. These initiatives reflect our commitment to a workplace that reflects the growth of our organisation and champions inclusivity.

The gender pay gap at MinRes is further influenced by the higher representation of males in senior positions, directly impacting the overall average remuneration for males. We are committed to addressing this discrepancy and are starting from the top, with MinRes Board female representation sitting at 55%.

Gender pay gap compared to industry (2022-23)

  MinRes Industry comparison
Average (mean) total remuneration 19.9% 11.9%
Median total remuneration 20.9% 14.5%
Average (mean) base salary 17.8% 8.9%
Median base salary 19.1% 10.3%

We acknowledge that achieving meaningful change will take time. Our goal is to ensure all employees thrive and receive fair compensation.

To strengthen our commitment to gender diversity, we have implemented a Gender Equity Strategy. This strategy provides a comprehensive framework for gender equity and supports the following objectives:

  • A work environment where gender equality is a business priority.
  • Improved representation of women in our workforce.
  • Reduction of structural, process and cultural barriers to employment for women, men and people of diverse genders.
  • Elimination of discrimination and harassment based on gender.
  • Promotion of an inclusive culture through flexible mindsets and work practices.

In addition to these strategic initiatives, we have introduced the Inspire Female Career Resilience and Leadership Program, a six-month program aimed at empowering and advancing women into leadership roles within MinRes.

To date, 69 employees have participated in the program, contributing significantly to our ongoing commitment to foster a more inclusive and representative workforce.

Our continuing focus on gender equity also supports the development of relevant initiatives, projects and services across our business:

  • MinRes provides a world-class headquarters to significantly contribute to mothers overcoming the barriers to returning to the workforce.
  • At our headquarters, the MinRes crèche provides free care for children while their parents or guardians are involved in work, at the gym, or have other engagements within the building. The crèche is open six days a week and supervised by certified in-house staff.
  • Dedicated parents’ rooms at our headquarters are equipped with the amenities a parent or child may require and available to express or feed a child.
  • We introduced primary and secondary paid parental leave provisions to demonstrate our family values and recognise all family types. The policy provides 18 weeks paid primary carers leave and four weeks paid secondary carers leave, with no waiting period.
  • For the past two years, MinRes has conducted Gender Safety Audit Focus Groups to listen to female employees about how we could make our workplace better and safer for women.
  • At our Onslow Iron project in the Pilbara we are transforming the fly in, fly-out experience and culture, featuring resort-style accommodation suitable for singles and couples.