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Exploration Sites

Onshore Perth Basin 

Lockyer Deep-1 Discovery  

A significant conventional gas discovery was made at Lockyer Deep-1, situated in Exploration Permit (EP) 368 near Mingenew in September 2021. 

Successful drilling identified a significant gas discovery in the Kingia Sandstone, the primary objective of the well, a positive first step toward locating and utilising natural gas in powering our operations. 

North Erregulla Deep-1 Discovery 

A second significant conventional Kingia Sandstone gas discovery was made in June 2023 at North Erregulla Deep-1 (NED-1), also situated in EP 368, 8.3 kilometres south-east of the Lockyer Deep-1 well. 

Drilling commenced in April 2023 and based on the available pressure data the NED structure was found to be a discrete natural gas field. 

A well test was completed in August 2023, which confirmed excellent gas flow rates and gas composition. 

An oil zone was also identified in the secondary objective Dongara Sandstone and Wagina Formation in NED-1. Future appraisal wells will further define any resource potential. 

Onshore Carnarvon Basin

MinRes also owns and operates petroleum EP 510 onshore near Onslow and is finalising the grant of two large geothermal exploration permits in the same area. 

Geophysical surveying is being conducted to refine our exploration drilling targets. 

At least four wells are planned for 2025 targeting both conventional gas and prospective geothermal energy sources. 

The geothermal exploration wells will target reservoirs like those that can be used for subsurface carbon sequestration. 

The collected data could be used for the potential establishment of a carbon capture and sequestration business in an area immediately adjacent to several industrial carbon dioxide emitters.