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Onslow Iron Project FAQs


How will MinRes manage dust?

Onslow Iron will feature industry-leading best practice dust control management and mitigation for the transport of iron ore.  

Iron ore will be transported via fully covered autonomous road trains travelling along a dedicated fenced and sealed haul road. 

The ore will be transferred to a fully enclosed storage facility, via a dust free handling process, before being transferred to a transhipping vessel via a covered conveyor. Each transhipping vessel is fully enclosed to contain dust. 

How will Onslow Iron mitigate greenhouse gas emissions?

Decarbonisation at Onslow Iron will focus on displacing diesel with alternative fuels, renewable solar power generation, energy storage and electrification of mobile equipment and transport.  

MinRes is planning to transition 170 of the autonomous road trains from diesel to electric, providing a fully electric transport solution from mine gate to port. The road train batteries will be charged with renewable and gas-fired energy. This electrification project will displace 44 million litres of diesel each year and will reduce carbon emissions by 120,000 tonnes per annum. 

How will this project impact the Port of Ashburton?

Our transhipper solution will have a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to major dredging that would be required to construct a deep-water berth at the port. 

Will there be impact on marine life?

Our marine management plans have been approved by federal regulators to ensure there is no impact to marine species. 

Community Investment

How is MinRes supporting the local community?

We have a community grants program which provides financial and in-kind support to a range of Pilbara community groups. 

This support has helped deliver initiatives that create positive outcomes for the Onslow community in the areas of health and wellbeing, employment and procurement, education, Aboriginal engagement, and environment. 

We are also working with local businesses and the Shire of Ashburton to identify other areas MinRes can make a positive contribution. 

To find out more and apply for a grant, visit our Community page.


How can I work on the Onslow Iron Project?

All employment opportunities are available on the MinRes Careers website. MinRes is committed to developing residential roles in the future, with 10 four-bedroom houses being built to attract more families to relocate to the town and become part of the community. 

For local businesses, MinRes’ Procurement team is working with the Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deliver Business Development Sessions to assist local businesses during the Tender submission period. 

During the construction phase, the project will create 2,100 construction jobs, and once operational will create 1,200 permanent jobs. 


What is the estimated timeline for construction of the Onslow Iron project?

Major construction works are underway, with MinRes aiming to have first ore on ship mid-2024.  

When will development of the Onslow Resort at Lot 300 commence?

The development of the Onslow Resort was approved by the State Development Panel in December 2021, subject to meeting a number of conditions. MinRes, BTAC and the Shire of Ashburton are working  through these conditions, and we expect to begin construction on the facility later this year. 

What is currently being constructed on the Yarri lease?

To support the operations of our industry-leading autonomous road haulage system, MinRes is constructing a truck maintenance facility at the corner of Onslow Road and Peedamulla Road. This facility will service our autonomous road trains being used to transport ore from our mine site to the port. 

Will Peedamulla Road remain open for the community to use throughout the construction? 

Yes, MinRes is working closely with the Shire of Ashburton to ensure the management of traffic is maintained throughout construction of the Onslow Iron project. Any interruptions to traffic will be minimised and alternative access roads and/or traffic management measures will be implemented as required.