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Onslow Community Updates

MinRes is committed to providing regular updates about the Onslow Iron project, including the impact and benefits it will bring to the local community. 

Onslow Community Newsletter 

For the latest news on the Onslow Iron project, read our quarterly community update.

The update provides a snapshot of construction activities, introduces key members of the project team and highlights some of the business and community groups we are supporting.

Community Grants

Mineral Resources is committed to making a positive and sustainable impact in local communities where we operate.  

Eligible community groups operating in the Pilbara are invited to apply for grants up to $10,000.

View the program information and application dates here.

Since 2022, we have provided financial support through our MinRes Community Grant Fund to the following Onslow Community Groups:

  • Waalitj Foundation 
  • Onslow Volunteer Marine Rescue Service
  • Onslow Occy’s Swimming Club 
  • St John WA Onslow 
  • Onslow School P&C 
  • Swans Onslow 
  • Onslow Junior Football Club 
  • Onslow Men’s Shed 
  • Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry  
  • Onslow Tennis Club
  • Ashburton Anglers 
  • Shire of Ashburton  
  • Onslow Bindi Aboriginal Corporation 
  • Onslow School 
  • Onslow Gazelles 
  • Peedamulla Campground 

This support has helped deliver initiatives that create positive outcomes for the Onslow community in the areas of health and wellbeing, employment and procurement, education, Aboriginal engagement, and the environment. 

Below are some examples of Onslow groups we have supported through our Community Grants Program.

Partnerships and sponsorships 

To help support the communities in which we operate in, MinRes has established partnerships with key Onslow organisations, as well as sponsoring key community events and initiatives throughout the year.  

Get in Touch

Get in touch with the Onslow Community Team to learn more about the Onslow Iron project, including job and local business opportunities.  

1/20 Second Ave, Onslow
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
0457 268 149

Join our Community Facebook Group 

Keep up to date with the Onslow Iron Project: 

MinRes Onslow Community Team 

Kerry James
Senior Community Engagement Advisor 

Katie Chapman
Community Engagement Officer 

Jamilah Sibosado
Indigenous Engagement Advisor