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MinRes joins forces with Waalitj Foundation to help change lives

Mineral Resources Limited (MinRes) has joined forces with the Waalitj Foundation to help children in a Pilbara community overcome barriers to school attendance.

MinRes announced a three-year partnership with the Waalitj Foundation’s Onslow Family Support Program, which aims to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal families in Onslow.

Local mentors deliver the program, which includes a school pick-up and drop-off service, engagement with teachers and workshop activities specifically targeted to the needs of students.

Waalitj Foundation Onslow Family Support Program Manager Suzanne Wilson said the most important part of her role was to ensure every child had the opportunity to receive an education.

“I hope to make a difference in each of the students’ and their families’ lives. Most importantly, I just want to make sure the kids are happy and healthy,” Ms Wilson said.

“Even if we can get one child to engage in school and enjoy their learning that is a win for me and when we have a school bus full of eager students that is equally as rewarding.”

The program is currently working with 16 Aboriginal families in Onslow and engages 51 local children.

MinRes Stakeholder Engagement Manager Daniel Barker added: “We are delighted to partner with the Waalitj Foundation on this important initiative.

“This program will have a significant impact on the lives of local Aboriginal families and we are proud to support this cause.

“At MinRes we are committed to supporting the communities where we operate, and we are pleased to partner with Waalitj Foundation to work together to address the needs of the local families and ensure that everyone who lives in the Onslow community can thrive.”

The MinRes-led Onslow Iron project, which will ship about 35 million tonnes of iron ore per year from mid-2024, has already begun taking shape.

Construction currently includes early works on a fully enclosed ore storage facility at the Port of Ashburton and an A320 aircraft-capacity airport at the mine site, 150km east of Onslow in the West Pilbara.

The $3 billion project will feature world’s best practice and industry leading dust control for iron ore transport, with the ore set to travel by fully covered road trains along a sealed and fenced 150km haul road.