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Yilgarn Environmental Publications and Reports

MinRes Yilgarn Operations are located within the Shires of Yilgarn and Menzies and encompasses seven mining operations (Koolyanobbing, Mt Jackson, J4, Windarling, Deception, Parker Range and Carina) which utilise haul roads to truck ore to Koolyanobbing or Carina for processing prior to railing to the Port of Esperance.

Cliffs recommissioned the operations following closure by BHP in the early 1980s and operated the Koolyanobbing mine until 2018. Cliffs ceased mining at its Yilgarn Operations and entered into an Asset Sale Agreement with MinRes. The transaction included ownership of all remaining iron ore, fixed plant, equipment, and non-process infrastructure for Koolyanobbing, Mt Jackson, Windarling and Deception operations in the Yilgarn and at the Port of Esperance.

Ore from the northern operations of Deception, Mt Jackson and Windarling is transported via a private haul road to Koolyanobbing, while ore from the southern operation of Parker Range is transported via public road to Carina, to be blended for export.

The Shire of Yilgarn has a population of approximately 1,600 people, comprising of the major town of Southern Cross and other towns including Bodallin, Bullfinch, Ghooli, Koolyanobbing, Marvel Loch, Moorine Rock and Yellowdine. The Shire of Menzies has a total population of approximately 400 people with 150 of those living in the town.

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