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Rio Tinto Hope Downs 4

Please take the time to read through the information below to enable your mobilisation to happen quickly and smoothly.


Below is the workgroup for this project:

  • MNS-CON – Hope Downs 4 – Construction

Due to strict client timeframes all submissions must be entered into MinRes INX +Process 21 days prior to the mobilisation date, any submissions inside this time frame will need project management approval, which must be request through the MinRes Mobilisation team.

This approval will only be granted for business critical works, and is still subject to RTIO rep approval.

The below items must be supplied to MinRes at the time of mobilisation:

The below must be held on file MinRes reserves the right to request a copy at anytime:

A full PEM medical should be held on file valid 12 months from completion

The Medical should have the below components:

  • Pre-Employment Medical Assessment
  • Standard Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • Laboratory Drug and Alcohol Screen (results to be provided)


Aveling Classroom Training

  • RTIO PRH Hub Essentials – Part of first day
  • RTIO PRH Hub Essentials for Site – Part of first day
  • RTIO Lock Holder – Part of first day
  • RTIO Personal Isolation Officer – Second day
  • Electrical Workers Competency + Arc Flash (Electricians only) – Additional day of training
  • Permit Isolations Officer (Electrical Supervisors only)

RTIO Scodle must be provided with your mobilisation request submission:

RTIO Online Scodle Training Construction

  • PRH Rio Tinto Essentials – Must be valid
  • Electrical Awareness Hazard
  • CRM CCC Pass Out
  • PRH Heat Stress Prevention
  • RTIO Fixed Plant Essentials
  • RTIO Land Clearing
  • RTIO Manual Handling awareness
  • RTIO Noise Awareness
  • RTIO Hand Safety Awareness

All Rio Tinto Construction mobilisation submissions require a minimum of 21 days’ notice. 

There is currently no GM exemption available for processing timeframes, or RTIO mandatory Site Entry Requirements (SER’s).


Once you’re ready to submit your mobilisation, make sure you have all the required documents (filled out) on hand:

1. Log in to our INX+ Process System – submit your details and site entry requirements.
2. Your mobilisation will then be in the system for processing, and you’ll receive communication from the system with the status of your mobilisation once in progress.
3. Once all requirements have been met, your mobilisation is confirmed, and you’ll receive confirmation from our Mobilisations team.