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Onslow Iron

Please take the time to read through the information below to ensure your mobilisation happens quickly and smoothly.


SAM Workflow is here!

You can find our updated guides at the bottom of this page.

Critical changes to note:

  • Site Admin will no longer be responsible for checking any compliance in “INX +Process”
  • The Recruitment team will be responsible for booking the first swing travel for all New Direct Hires.
  • All MinRes LMS Inductions must be completed, prior to Mobilisation workflow submission. (contractors & labour hire) any workflows submitted with incomplete inductions, will be declined.
  • All personnel will need to be mobilised to each site and deemed compliant by the Mobilisation Team.
  • Once compliant and approved by Mobilisations, travel can be requested. You will receive a “proceed to travel” email confirmation, that can be used as approval to book travel in SAM workflow.
  • Personnel returning to the same site, will not need to submit an INX Mobilisation workflow, they can continue to book returning travel in SAM workflow, using the proceed to travel approval for that site.
  • Each time there is a change in Site, a new Mobilisation workflow must be submitted, to gain an updated proceed to travel approval. This will ensure compliance is kept up to date and is essential for accurate reporting.
  • Remobilisation, change roster and cancel workflows, will no longer be used. Remobilisation workflows will be declined.

Please use this page for everything relating to the new SAM Workflow system with all the information below in the training video & quick reference guide sections along with any new roll out information.

SAM Workflow


Please send any SAM & Travel related queries to:


Onslow Construction Mobilisation guidelines

  • All mobilisation/remobilisation workflows must be submitted to approval level 1 stage at least 7 days prior to forecasted mobilisation date.
  • Any workflows submitted within the 7-day cut-off, will require Project Director approval. This must be gained via your MinRes site contact.
  • Project Director approvals must be submitted by COB Monday, for Friday travel (4 days prior to Mob date) Project Director approval template must be utilised, template can be found below.
  • Any workflows submitted within the 7-day cut-off, will not guarantee flights, accommodation, or transportation.
  • Workflows must be submitted with all site entry requirements attached, incomplete workflows will be declined and will need to be resubmitted to meet the 7-day cut-off.
Mobilisation Day Cut-off for Submission
Friday COB Friday
Monday COB Monday


The below items must be supplied to MinRes at the time of mobilisation:

  • Instant Drug & Alcohol Screen (less than 90 days old)
  • Please note if you are required to work at the Port, your drug screen will need to be less than 30 days old
  • MinRes Contractor Medical Declaration form (completed and signed)

The below must be held on file MinRes reserves the right to request a copy at any time:

A full PEM should be held on file and is valid 12 months from completion.

The Medical should have the below components:

  • Pre-Employment Medical Assessment
  • Standard Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment

Please find below the requirements to access the Port of Ashburton precinct, you will need to complete PPA online inductions, a drug and alcohol test & supply a selfie type photo to obtain the PPA access card.

Please submit your request via INX +Process

Workgroup: MNS-CON – Onslow Iron – Construction – Port

The link to the Pilbara Ports Authority inductions:

Please compete all inductions listed below; they take approx. 4 hours to complete. (Please note inductions are valid for 30 days from completion)

  • PPA Security Induction
  • PPA Take 5 and JHA Induction
  • PPA Environmental Induction
  • PPA Health and Safety Induction
  • Site Specific Induction – Ashburton


  • Selfie Type .Jpg Photo (top of head to half of torso)

Once you have completed your inductions, you will receive the Site Access Application Form, please provide to your administrator for processing they will upload this form into your INX +Process mobilisation submission.

Please submit your request via + Process.

Workgroup: MNS-CON – Onslow Iron -Construction-Kens Bore Mine

Please note the below internal projects to Onslow Mine:

  • CPF
  • Stockyards
  • Kens Bore Airport (Once Operational)
  • Kens Bore Resort (Once Operational)
  • Kens Bore Village

Please submit your request via + Process.

Workgroup: MNS-CON – Onslow Iron -Construction-Infrastructure

Please note the below internal projects to Onslow Infrastructure:

  • Haul Road
  • Onslow Construction Camp (OCC) or (Yarri)
  • Onslow Resort (Once Operational)


Should you need to mobilise outside of this timeframe, you must seek MinRes GM approval using the below approval template.


As the General Manager responsible for this request, I hereby approve for the above position(s) to be exempt from the following processing requirements and acknowledge the Mobilisation team will not follow up on this once approval has been given (please remove items you are not willing to exempt)

  1. Processing timeframes (submitted complete within 7 days’ notice)
  2. Medical / DAS results (including Medical Declaration)
  3. Online LMS Inductions
  4. Commercial Flights
  5. Other: please specify

The approval must be uploaded into the INX +process workflow prior to submission.


Once you’re ready to submit your mobilisation, make sure you have all the required documents (filled out) on hand:

1. Once all LMS inductions have been completed, submit your Mobilisation workflow with all mandatory requirements.
2. Once Submitted you’ll receive communication from the system with the status of your mobilisation once in progress.
3. Once the candidate has been deemed compliant, the mobilisation team will issue a mobilisation approval email, advising to proceed with submitting travel via SAM Workflow.