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Barbara Zakrzewska

Leadlight Artist | Geographic Information Systems Officer


Artist: Russell James

Size: 91cm x 91cm Square

Medium: Black and white photography printed on fine art photographic rag paper

I was always fascinated by kaleidoscopes, reflections and the way sun shines through colourful glass. But in grey and monotone communist Poland it was almost impossible to find good paints and brushes, not to mention doing glasswork. Sometime in my early teens I was able to get glass paints and started painting on windows and small glass panes. Creating is blissful. The process is pure joy. It feels like time doesn’t exist anymore. Working with other artists helps me focus and make time for my hobby. Sometimes I am inspired by nature, sometimes it’s the art of others and sometimes I just see designs in my mind.

Barbara Zakrzewska

I was always fascinated by kaleidoscopes...