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Celebrating 300 P plates with the McGovern Foundation

In 2021, Mineral Resources (MinRes) joined forces with the McGovern Foundation as founding partner of the Wanderer Program, a driver mentor program helping Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other disadvantaged youth in Western Australia obtain their driver’s licence.

For too many people in vulnerable circumstances, not having a driver’s licence is a key limitation for positive social, health and employment outcomes. The cost of driving lessons and the time required for 50 hours of supervised driving often puts obtaining P plates out of reach.

This is where the Wanderer Program comes in – delivering consistent, free and accessible driver mentor sessions for those in need.

Now nearly three years since its inception, the program has reached a remarkable milestone: helping more than 300 people obtain their P plates. This has helped program graduates unlock employment opportunities, support family members and realise lifelong goals, while also having a positive impact on the wider community.

To celebrate this significant achievement and learn more about the foundation and program, MinRes recently held a panel discussion with key members of the McGovern Foundation’s team at MinRes HQ.

Hosted by MinRes Chief Executive Lithium Josh Thurlow, the panel featured McGovern Foundation Founder and Director Andrew McGovern, West Coast Eagles players and board members Jeremy McGovern and Tom Barrass, and Wanderer Program graduate and MinRes trainee Mavis Lyndon.

The panel discussed a range of topics including the program’s origins and mission, its positive impact on the community and what being involved means to each of the panelists.

Mavis was the 27th person to complete the Wanderer Program, after being referred by her brother. Prior to obtaining her P plates, Mavis had to rely on her unwell father and other family members to drop her off and pick her up from her night shift work.

Since completing the program, Mavis has gone from strength to strength. She has been able to support her parents with transporting her younger siblings to commitments and has started a traineeship with MinRes.

Mavis has also referred four of her siblings, two cousins and her mum to the foundation and they are currently participating in the Wanderer Program.

When asked about future plans for the program, Jeremy flagged additional funding as a priority for meeting growing demand. The foundation currently receives 40 to 50 calls per day from people seeking support, with more than 700 people on the Perth metropolitan waitlist.

“Long-term, we’d love to see the program continue to scale up and have a bigger footprint throughout WA,” Jeremy said.

“Eventually, the goal is to have this program embedded in the school curriculum to ensure people are graduating with their driver’s licence.”

MinRes is proud to celebrate the McGovern Foundation’s outstanding success over the past three years and looks forward to being a part of the Wanderer Program as it enters an exciting new chapter in the years ahead.

You can find more information on the McGovern Foundation and the Wanderer Program: