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Celine Mangan – geoscientist, mentor, trailblazer

A passion for exploration and problem-solving continues to drive MinRes Manager of Mine Closure, Rehabilitation and Contaminated Sites, Celine Mangan, who was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the 2024 CME Women In Resources Awards (WIRA).

Celine brings to MinRes more than 15 years’ experience in technical and managerial roles and today leads a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to optimising mine closure for our company.

Originally from Ireland, Celine graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and began her career offshore, working on research and seismic exploration vessels.

Upon moving to Australia, Celine started working onshore delivering geological and geophysical surveys before joining MinRes to support our approach to mine closure and rehabilitation.

The team has since achieved many notable milestones, including establishing MinRes’ first Executive Closure Steering Committee, developing the MinRes Closure Framework, collaborating with Aboriginal stakeholders to establish a seed collection training program, and executing the largest rehabilitation contract awarded to an Aboriginal business.

“Our team contributes significantly to reshaping the future of mine closure and rehabilitation,” Celine said.

“We can’t fix everything today, but developing steppingstones to create a more inclusive and sustainable future within mining is the key to our long-term success.”

In a ground-breaking initiative, Celine also led a collaboration between Curtin University and MinRes, revolutionising biodiversity assessments through environmental DNA. This method accelerates baseline assessments with greater precision – minimising reliance on labour-intensive techniques – and has the potential to de-risk industry approvals while providing valuable data for future rehabilitation and relinquishment assessments.

Further to this, Celine is passionate about nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers through mentoring young female professionals within MinRes and beyond.

This passion, together with her industry accomplishments, recently led Celine to be announced as one of three finalists in the Technological Innovation Award for the 2024 CME WIRA – a category highlighting the achievements of women in technical fields who have developed and applied technological innovation in mining.

“I am so humbled to be named as a finalist and represent women in my field of work and the wider mining industry,” Celine said.

“It’s important to leave a legacy that can drive real change. Everything I do is to foster a sustainable future for the mining industry.”

2024 CME WIRA winners will be announced at a presentation dinner at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 22 March 2024.