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Everyday Heroes making an impact on MinRes’ frontline

Mineral Resources prides itself on the diversity of its workforce and the wide variety of backgrounds, skills and experiences that help the business thrive.

Over the past year, MinRes has tapped into a new talent pool that has so far proven successful – military veterans. As part of the company’s Everyday Heroes program, a total of 27 veterans have joined the business in a range of roles, including entry-level and leadership positions.

To do this, MinRes teamed up with Working Spirit, a not-for-profit organisation helping military and emergency services veterans find roles in the business community. These candidates have a unique set of skills that can provide a strong foundation for a mining career – from teamwork and working under pressure to leadership and adaptability.

MinRes Executive General Manager, Asset Management Dale Blyth said the business worked with veterans to provide resources, training and feedback to supplement their existing skills so they could make the transition to the resources industry.

Meet Jackie and Simon

Dump Truck Operator Jackie Summers, who has an army background, and Heritage Supervisor Simon Hibben, who worked in the police and navy, have successfully transitioned to new careers with MinRes.

A strong desire to join the resources sector led both Jackie and Simon to apply for many roles before getting their foot in the door with MinRes. Now, they haven’t looked back.

“So far, MinRes is the best company I have worked for,” Simon said.

“The people are amazing and make you feel like part of a huge family, and everyone helps each other when they need it.”

Jackie was MinRes’ first female Everyday Heroes participant. She was presented with four offers from different companies but chose MinRes because of the wide range of opportunities across iron ore and lithium.

“It’s fantastic to spend my days in the outdoors driving my truck and I know that I’ll be supported to explore options as I advance my career,” Jackie said.

Both Jackie and Simon said they appreciated the support MinRes offers all employees.

“Having an Employee Assistance Program and in-house psychologist, Chris Harris, is amazing and something I feel all companies in this industry should look at,” Simon said.

“For some, being away from home and family could pose some issues, but knowing Chris is just a phone call away is so good.”

Jackie and Simon said their experiences were so positive that they would encourage other veterans to consider making the transition to mining when the time was right.

“Some people might hold back because they don’t think they can do it, but age, background and physical ability aren’t a barrier – there are roles accessible to everyone,” Jackie said.

“I’d say go for it, there’s nothing stopping you.”

If you’re interested in learning more about our Everyday Heroes program, check out the MinRes website.