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MinRes helps little feet take big strides for Telethon

MinRes is proud to support the Healthy Strides Foundation’s record-breaking Move-A-Thon for a second year.

Mineral Resources (MinRes) was proud to support Healthy Strides Foundation’s most successful Move-A-Thon fundraiser for Telethon.

For WA children who live with neurological conditions and injuries, effective treatment and rehabilitation is key to improving their long-term health and quality of life.

This is where Healthy Strides comes in — a not-for-profit organisation that provides evidence-based therapy treatment to help children and young people. MinRes has supported Healthy Strides via Telethon since 2022 through the purchase of two cutting-edge rehabilitation machine, the Stride ZeroG and 3D ZeroG harness devices.

The Move-A-Thon on Sunday 21 April gave the Healthy Strides community the opportunity to give back to Telethon.

The event saw children demonstrate their personal physical progress by completing a walking circuit next to Optus Stadium. In addition to the track, the fundraiser featured guest appearances from West Coast Eagles players and Telethon’s famous Fat Cat.

This year, more than 70 children were cheered on by 300 supporters as they raised a record $37,000. This tally was supported by a $5,000 contribution from MinRes.

MinRes was also pleased to supply an energetic team of volunteers to help host the event and cheer on participants, plus free coffee and morning tea to congratulate the children and supporters on their outstanding efforts.

Healthy Strides’ innovative programs have been life changing for children like Piper, 9, and Chiara, 8, who are working with the foundation to improve their high-level balance skills so that they can thrive in the sports they love.

Dayna Pool, a physiotherapist and founder of Health Strides, reflected on the transformation she has seen in some of the families participating.

“I heard parents say, ‘A year ago, we thought we wanted to be involved [in the Move-A-Thon], but we didn’t know if we could’ and here they are. It’s pretty incredible,” she said.

MinRes’ Company Secretary Jenna Mazza, who attended Sunday’s walk, said: “It’s incredible to see these determined and motivated children with neurological conditions build their confidence one step at a time.

“It’s even more fantastic to see them and their families take the time to give back to Telethon.”

Learn more about the Healthy Strides Foundation here.