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Now more than ever: Reconciliation Week at MinRes

MinRes was proud to recognise National Reconciliation Week (NRW) across its sites and offices, reflecting on the 2024 theme “Now more than ever” and reinforcing impactful steps everyone can take to actively foster reconciliation.

MinRes’ vision for reconciliation prioritises education, mutual respect and positive action as key pillars in building a successful and respected business that appreciates and is enriched by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures.

This year’s NRW theme offers a reminder that the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continues. Now more than ever, supporters of reconciliation must stand up to encourage truth-telling, promote education, tackle racism and forge stronger connections built on respect, action and change.

Throughout NRW, MinRes hosted Yarning Circles at the company’s Osborne Park head office, facilitated by Rohan Collard, Director of Dooga Waalitj Healing – an Aboriginal owned and managed business committed to cultural development and growth, and improving outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities.

Sessions were attended by more than 100 MinRes employees, offering an opportunity for culturally grounded conversations focused on relationship building, genuine respect, truth telling and two-way learning.

Across all MinRes remote sites, pre-start meetings made time for sharing stories and perspectives, and open discussion on the commitments and actions everyone can take to support reconciliation.

In Onslow, the MinRes Community Engagement team was also proud to support the Onslow Reconciliation Week Walk, joining community members for a stroll along the town’s boardwalk and lending a hand to prepare a special community breakfast.

Reconciliation as an ongoing focus

MinRes is committed to ongoing engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to grow opportunities across employment, training, business development, cross-cultural awareness and community development.

Employees continue to be supported and encouraged to better understand, respect and appreciate local Indigenous Australians’ lore and culture – within and outside of business activities.

One key initiative supporting this approach is cultural awareness training sessions – mandatory for all corporate employees – covering topics ranging from Aboriginal history and the effects of colonisation to unconscious bias and simple steps all Australians can take to better move forward together.

More than 1,150 employees have attended 140 cultural awareness sessions in the past 12 months, building knowledge and developing tools to support MinRes’ reconciliation commitments and foster a workplace that celebrates diversity, inclusion and cultural respect.

With operations spanning regional and remote areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, MinRes continues to grow strong relationships with local communities.

Trusted partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the regions where MinRes operates are complemented by a Community Investment program encouraging social and cultural health, economic empowerment and community driven projects.

More information on MinRes’ approach to Indigenous engagement is available in the 2023 Sustainability Report.