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Vacation Program prepares students for success

The inaugural MinRes Summer Vacation program came to an end last week, with 18 university students successfully completing their 12-week placement.

For vacation student, Hannah Reynolds, exciting growth opportunities on the horizon with MinRes attracted her to the program.

“As a rapidly growing company, MinRes seemed like the perfect place to kick-start my career,” Hannah said.

“As the company continues to grow, so will the opportunities for career advancement. The vacation program offered the perfect opportunity for me to get my foot in the door and see where it took me.”

For 12 weeks, Hannah has worked with the Community and Indigenous Engagement team.

She was given real responsibilities and large projects to complete, including auditing the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan to identify what action still needed to be taken by the business to meet its commitments.

Hannah also worked to implement a new system to manage and track external stakeholder engagements for the Project Development department. She ran various training sessions on this system, giving her more opportunities to meet people and highly develop her public speaking and presentation skills.

For their final day, Hannah and the other students delivered a presentation to their relevant leaders, sharing their experiences from the program.

Feedback from the program has been overwhelmingly positive, with students expressing gratitude for the opportunities they have received and the mentorship they have received from leaders and supervisors.

The MinRes Summer Vacation program was designed to provide immersive development experiences, opportunities to challenge thinking, ongoing mentorship, feedback sessions, and hands-on learning. The success of the program highlights MinRes’ commitment to supporting young talent and investing in the future of the industry.

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