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MinRes to fund Ruah Centre's Koorta Guides

Published on 30 November 2023

Mineral Resources has announced a $1.5 million partnership with Ruah Community Services to fund five Koorta Guides at a new safe haven for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence.

The three-year partnership between MinRes and Ruah was announced during the annual 16 Days in WA campaign, which aims to spur action to end violence against women.

Koorta Guides will be the first point of contact for clients at The Ruah Centre for Women and Children, a seven-storey building due to open in central Perth in 2024.

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The Ruah Centre is the first facility of its kind in Western Australia to provide crisis accommodation as well as access to holistic, life-changing services in one location.

A key element of the facility is the Koorta Guides – 10 advocates that will support women on their long and challenging journey to recovery. Koorta means “trusted friend” in Noongar, the Aboriginal language for the Perth and South West region.

The guides will help women navigate complex systems by connecting them with the services they need, such as healthcare, child protection, income support and housing.

Rather than only offering crisis support for a limited time, Ruah’s model has a long-term focus, providing space and time for healing and recovery.

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MinRes Executive General Manager, People Andrea Chapman announced the new partnership at a Ruah community breakfast marking the 16 Days in WA campaign to stop violence against women.

“We are inspired by Ruah’s work and feel privileged to partner with them as the new Ruah Centre for Women and Children changes lives for the better,” Andrea said.

“As the Ruah team has shared with us, effective support for women and children who have experienced family and domestic violence goes beyond helping them through the immediate crisis.

“Koorta Guides will be on the frontline every day to provide comprehensive, sustained support that can make the difference between surviving and thriving.”

Ruah Chief Executive Officer Debra Zanella added: “We are thrilled to partner with MinRes in delivering this first of its kind service to West Australian women and children.

“Without supportive partners such as MinRes, we would not be able to create new, innovative services focused on long term recovery and healing.

“MinRes represents a new paradigm in corporate giving, where social responsibility and generosity converge to drive real change for WA.”


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