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Modern Slavery Assessment Support

MinRes is committed to preventing modern slavery occurring within our operations and supply chain. We  work to continuously improving our approach to identify and mitigate modern slavery and ethical sourcing risks.

Modern slavery refers to situations where one person has taken away another person’s freedom so that they can be exploited. This may include human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, worst forms of child labour, deceptive recruiting for labour or services or forced marriage.

MinRes publishes an annual Modern Slavery Statement, in accordance with the reporting requirements under the Modern Slavery Act, 2018 (Cth).

Expectations of Our Suppliers

We require all our suppliers to operate in an ethical, responsible, open and transparent manner and be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct defines our expectations of our suppliers’ conduct with regard to health and safety, labour and human rights, community, environmental and business integrity issues, and outlines appropriate management, reporting and compliance processes. Our expectation of supplier’s behaviour and practice extends beyond our Tier 1 suppliers, with suppliers expected to ensure their own suppliers and contractors adhere to principles equivalent or greater than ours as addressed in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Suppliers have access to our confidential independent whistleblowing service, MinRes Integrity Assist, allowing them to report any concerns or misconduct relating to human rights breaches or any other concerns.

Modern Slavery Support Documents for Our Suppliers

MinRes is an active member of the Human Rights Resources and Energy Collaborative (HHREC), which was formed to provide a forum for companies in the resources and energy sector to share knowledge, improve practices and develop resources to better combat modern slavery across our industries. The HRREC has developed a Toolkit, which includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Modern Slavery Fact Sheet, which can be accessed via the Modern Slavery Support Documents below.